After 50 years, our parents, Frank and Pat have decided to retire from the business which started in their basement back in 1967.  During those years, it transitioned from a tool and die shop to a sub-contract machining house that supplies component parts, assemblies, and machined fabrications to larger OEMs.  Belrick’s 26,000 square feet facility is equipped with modern Computer Numerically Controlled equipment and the talent needed to produce quality precision machined parts in low and medium quantities.

Frank and Pat always had a vision to pass the business along to their next generation and enjoy an early retirement.  In keeping with this vision, they began teaching their children every aspect of the business, so the transition would be smooth for their customers and employees.

For the past 30+ years, each of us have been directly involved or were educated in every aspect of the business, from laying bricks for additions, cleaning machines and offices, programming and running machines, accounting, purchasing, sales, job processing, quoting, scheduling or machine maintenance . During the past few years of the transition process, we’ve each settled into and focused on educating ourselves in what will now be a continuation of our parent’s dreams and efforts

President/CFO:  Deborah Barbose oversees managers and all departments in the business.

Operations Manager:  Frank Yamrick Jr. oversees customer relations, contracting, process development, and the Quality Management System.

Maintenance Manager:  Michael Yamrick, oversees machine and plant maintenance and IT.


The ethics, principles and commitments that our parents instilled in us, will continue to be our cornerstone and we are determined to strengthen the fabric that was put into place decades ago.


We are excited to begin a monthly, “Lunch and Learn” event for all our employees this year. Outside vendors will host these sessions to keep our employees up to date on the latest technologies in the industry. Also, many of our employees are taking online classes on their own time, to improve job skills.


We are proud of our strong team that is willing to go above and beyond the 40 hour work week to meet your needs sometimes working weekends and re-scheduling vacation time.


We are an ISO 9001 certified facility and currently in the final stages of upgrading our quality system to AS9100.  We are also working towards APCIS certification, while implementing lean manufacturing and Six Sigma standards, and purchasing new equipment.

With the transition of primary responsibility from Frank Yamrick Sr. to Deborah Barbose, Belrick will move from Veteran owned business status , to woman owned status.