Belrick Corp’s Latest Machine Tool Addition

Belrick Corp’s latest addition to our horizontal CNC machining fleet is a new Doosan Infacore HP5100 Horizontal Machining Center. The machine has a 14,000 RPM, 30 horsepower spindle equipped with a refrigerated cooling system, which maintains the uniform spindle temperature required for high accuracy and extended production. There is a 1000 PSI coolant system which allows to use modern cutting tools to their full potential.   The machine has rapid traverse rates of 2,362 inches per minute, with a machining area of: 27.6″ x 27.6” x 29.5”.   It is equipped with a Renishaw RTS tool setter and RMP Part Probe allowing us to accurately locate off cast, stock, or pre-machined features.

With a sixty tool automatic tool changer, 300 work offsets, a tool monitoring system, and tool life management system, we were able to load in all the tooling and work coordinates required for multiple complex parts that are scheduled to run regularly on this machine. This has allowed us to reduce the changeover time from one part to another by over sixty percent.

The fixtures for each of the current jobs were designed to run four parts at a time. The second pallet contains either duplicate fixtures or fixtures for second and third operations, depending on the complexity of the part. The CNC operator unloads finished parts, loads new raw material, deburrs and checks the finished work while the CNC is machining the parts on the other pallet. Since the operator is busy most of the time, there has always been a risk of greater damage to tooling or even multiple tools when a tool wears or fails. For example: if a small center drill breaks, there may be no noticeable sound to catch the operator’s attention. If the machine continues through the machining cycle, subsequent drills, reamers, and taps may all be damaged, multiplying the damage done by the initial tool. The tool monitoring system allows the machine to detect abnormal load caused by warn or broken tools. The machine will stop when the first tool breaks or even before failure, depending on the settings.