About Belrick Corp.

Belrick Corp. was founded in 1967 by Frank Yamrick Sr. as a tool and die shop dedicated to supporting the US manufacturing industry with precision tooling and parts. Thanks to our approach and philosophy, we experienced serious growth, ultimately causing us to expand and move into our current building in 1972.

Embracing Technology

As we entered our second decade, we recognized the potential of emerging technology, and invested heavily in CNC machines, redirecting our manufacturing services to low-to-medium volume production parts.

Maintaining Philosophy

From our beginnings more than a half century ago, we’ve maintained a singular customer retention focus going to great lengths to provide exceptional service and quality at fair prices. We have always been proud to be “small enough to remain flexible, but large enough to maintain the equipment and expertise to handle significant production volume.”

The Next Generation

In 2016, Frank Yamrick Sr. was replaced by his daughter, Deborah Barbose, as President of Belrick, earning the company the Women Owned Small Business certification (WOSB). Under Deborah’s leadership, Belrick continues to expand and invest in modern equipment, new tooling, cutting edge manufacturing methods, and proven employee training and development programs.

Investing in the future of their community, Belrick supports training for future generations in the area with membership in two local high school tech advisory boards, as well as membership in the Luzerne County Community College (LCCC) advisory board.

If you’d like to learn more about our history and/or future,
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